by Sarah Macintosh

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Jared White Finally got around to buying this on Bandcamp -- almost did it on iTunes but this way you get paid more. =) And now I just found out Bandcamp has an iPhone app. Cool!

Awesome album. Favorite track: The Damaged.
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released March 6, 2012



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Sarah Macintosh San Diego, California

I’m the former lead singer of a band called “Chasing Furies.” I’ve sung, toured, or collaborated with artists such as Michael W. Smith, David Crowder, Jars of Clay, Brenton Brown, Tim Hughes and Vicky Beeching. I’ve released my latest solo CD, “Current,” that I’m touring while writing a book that will join with the speaking and singing that I do live, telling the story beneath the songs I write. ... more

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Track Name: Current
Set us free, take us away
Face of love, tear us away
Cause we are Yours to carry away
We’re carried away
We’re carried away
Life is a current
Pulling us out to the sea where we can’t see
And danger waits for us
Preying on those who hold closely and tightly
Love, say that you won’t let go
Let’s take heed and go far away
Heart of love, tear us away
Cause we are Yours to carry away
We’re carried away
We’re carried away
Love, say that it will be so
Love, say that you won’t let go
Don’t let go,
Don’t let me go
Track Name: We Should Run
I waited till the morning
Looking for every sure sign
Listening for footsteps
For when You will take me outta here
People keep on asking
When will we regain life
With the One who’s for us
Rescue won’t You come
Cause we should run we should be laughing
We should look and see that He is lifted high
We should shout we should be dancing
We should call and find a Savior who’s alive
Someone says Your building
You pull and stretch this old life
Re-shaping what I’ve broken
Till I can see that You’ve been here
People started smiling
Lives are being made right
With the One who’s for us
Rescue You have come!
Now we will run we will be laughing
We will look and see that You are lifted high
Yes we will shout we will be dancing
We will call and find our Savior, You’re alive
Now our feet will run
Yes our eyes they see
And our hearts rejoice
How Your people sing
Hear Your people sing
Track Name: Take It All
Take one step
Move away and don’t look back
You said I
Look a lot like Your lost child
Cause I give up
Gonna lay this body down
No, I can’t believe that you choose to hang around
Ohhh Ohhh
You can take it all
Ohhh Ohhh
You can take it all
Just give up
I will give those burdens back
You said I
Am Your safe and rescued child
I will be found
I will be found
I will be found
In You
Track Name: Hope
From the ashes
We will sing
Of a Savior’s
Bound and broken
Heavy laden
Eyes set forward
Heaven’s near
We have hope
We have hope
Let our mourning
Spread Your Glory!
We have hope
We have hope
Let our mourning
Spread Your Glory Lord!
We will meet you
Skies will hold us
Heavens glory
Draw us near
We will run
We will laugh
We will dance
We will shout
When You’re back for us
You’ll come back for us!
Track Name: Laughter Comes Upon Us
I’ve wept until I made a visible trail
This path has not been kind or ever friendly
But if I thought I’d want it another way
I’d surely find that nothing else is for me
Cause He is closer to me this way
Drawn by the tears and pouring rain
Right here clutched in His embrace
Whispering breath against my ear
Tucked up against His scarred ribcage
Right here is where I want to stay
Laughter comes upon us like its lightning
Striking without wind or cloud or change
In knew that if I’m with Him it’d be this way
‘Cause promises are promises to Him
Track Name: Galaxy Former
Beautifully known
Mystery made
Small and delicate
A galaxy former You’re
Brilliantly seen
Silently heard
Gentle and meek but the greatest protector its
Jesus my Savior its
Powerfully won
Gracefully held
Perfect provision
Of love given out by You
Peacefully kept
Wonderfully made
Sacrificed for me so I could fathered by
Jesus my Savior by
You make all things right
You make all things right
I am kept in the palm of Your hand
You make all things right
Impossibly close
Tenderly held
I am surrounded yes I am surrounded by
Track Name: The Damaged
Red is the color of my heart as it cries hush hush
Pouring like the river torn apart as it pleads hush hush
Keep stepping further from the scene whisper softly hush hush
Wreckage scattered wildly crumbling look away and hush hush
I don’t want to be the one whose broken
I don’t want to be the one who falls apart
I don’t want to be damaged
Keep binding, sewing, mending no one notice hush hush
Stitches gather wounds and keep them clean mine are numbered hush hush
Face twitching sweaty palms are tells mine are screaming hush hush
Eyes down and waiting for the gale start the tipping hush hush
I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be
Track Name: Hiding Place
There in the dark you see me
Hidden from all
You say my name
You know and You see
How I have cried and crumpled
There at Your feet
To soak You in
Where You surround me
I’ll, I’ll close my eyes to things they are pulling, pulling on me
And then, then I’ll find breath the breath and I’ll say
You are my hiding place
You are my hiding place
Close with Your arms around me
Though it is dark
I know You’re near
Your thoughts are of me
Words from my heart have found their way to Your mouth
I know You sing
You’re prayers are for me
There in the dark you see me
Hidden from all
You say my name
You know and You’ll see
Track Name: You're Coming
You’re coming
It’s a promise I am holding You to
Things aren’t right
They’re just not right
Without You
And this darkness has been stalking me here
Gotta take flight
Gotta take flight away
Can You find me even when I am running
Gotta pull away
While I watch and wait for rescue
And Your melody that sings us to You
La la la la la
Hey! Like a flash of light
And we will see You coming
Then while the skies retreat
Your glory fills our eyes
Shouts, building with the wind
Your people they are calling
Gloria! Gloria!
You’re coming
Make ready
I will live and walk and breathe life anew
Never be a day
When I cannot say
I’ve love You
And its strength into the weakest of bones
Gotta stand straight
Gotta stand up and take
All the words that You have carefully left me
Close my eyes
Track Name: Calling, Calling
When the road is long
And the mountain steep
Let my mouth find words
Any word that I could speak
To find myself calling calling calling calling after you
If my words had a meaning
If my life pulled away
Then I would find the mountains move move move
If I spoke with assurance
If my heart joined my head
Then I could tell you how to breathe breathe breathe cause
Is brighter
More fragrant
Is here in my hand
Will be without end
Changer, chameleon
I will be red and then im green
Let my heart find strength
Any strength so I will keep
And find myself waiting waiting waiting waiting on you
Track Name: Joy Comes In
We will weep and we will cry
But joy comes in the morning
Though the tears may flood our eyes
Joy comes in the morning
Though we may feel we’re on the run
Though life may deal a crushing blow
Hold out for hope Allelu, Allelu
Raise up your head Allelu, Allelu
Look to the dawn Allelu, Allelu
Cause joy comes in yes it’s moving in
We may kick and we may shout
But joy comes in the morning
Though our voice grows weak and sore
Joy comes in the morning